Alternate Names for the New McLaren Car

Recently, McLaren announced the name of their new car, the one and only: MCL34... Well I think we can all agree that name is boring. So I took the liberty of drafting a few other names they could use.

Here's how I'd roll them out:

Introducing the all new: "F*ck Ron Denn15"

The all new, "HONDAAAAAA 34"

Or maybe, "This is the amount of points we predict for next season: 0"

Alternatively: "The McLaren Years since we won a title: 2 million"

Otherwise: "FERRARYSUX42"

Based on their actual one: "NaCl43"

Occasionally relevant:  "Please please please please please let the engine make it to the end 99"

Always Tasteful: "Alonso basically runs this team 72"

Words are overrated: "MCL42538276819692697469820"

Finally: MRT06 (Rest in Peace)

Either way, McLaren have a cornucopia of excellent choices for their 2017 outfit name. It would be a downright shame if they resorted to plain old MCL32. Let me know which name you would want McLaren to take for 2017.