5 Most Beautiful F1 Cars of All Time

5. Brawn GP 001

The only car to ever win a championship right after changing management, but also a beautiful creation. It's mainly due to the colors, but either way this car is a true piece of Formula 1 art. It dominated the 6 first races with wins and poles all around. This was a brilliant showing of Brawn's amazing skills as an engineer.

4. Alfa Romeo 159 Alfetta

This car comes straight from the period in F1 history in which beauty was just as important as speed. As much as it may seem timid stationary, imagine one of these long-bellied beast tearing up Monza. Now you get it. This Alpha is no exemption, and it kind of makes us wish that some kind of Italian rivalry would continue today. While Austria v Italy isn't terrible, it just doesn't have the same feel to an intra-national battle for supremacy.

3. Lotus 79

The Lotus 79 can only be described as an icon. It's design is easily recognizable for any fan of F1, and was the perfect poster car to date. Black and gold just flow so well together on this car. The success of the car was also a huge plus and gave it the TV time it deserved.

2. Arrows A2

Honestly, if you'd talked to me an hour and a half ago I wouldn't have even known about this car, but after seeing it, there's no denying it's the most amazing I'd ever not seen. The avant-garde wide bodied, exposed, crisply flowing A2 is an absolute masterpiece. The only pitfall, it wasn't that fast.

1. McLaren MP4/5

What other could sit here? It's not just the looks but the talent that drove it and the minds that powered it. It was simple and elegant. No other car has ever been so close to a perfect mix of speed and beauty