F1 2014 Power Rankings

*A lower score is better, just like in golf

1. Mercedes: 25.3952

From the looks of it, Merc is set to take the title in 2014. Be it drivers or Constructors or both, they'll be walking away with something next season.

2. Ferrari: 32.4812

Ferrari looks somewhat better off than the last two years, but still not at the place where a title is really acheivable. 

3. McLaren: 36.3276

Miles better than last year. They will probably enjoy a more typical McLaren Season this year.

4. Williams: 41.37

Wanna talk about improvement? Williams could pretty much put this car next to the definition of improvement in the dictionary and it wold fit perfectly.

5. F.I 41.6096

The orange squad is in a bit of trouble for the upcoming season, they'll have to really fight if they want a podium or a top 5 finish next season, because the guys around them have made serious progress. They have the jump on rivals Sauber, but that won't mean much if Williams is actually as good as they seems to be.

Sauber 43.0161

Everyone's favorite underdog doesn't look so hot, their design is more Toro Rosso than McLaren and they haven't impressed lap time wise. But hey, they've got a fighting chance.

Marussia: 47.2222

My personal favorite underdog looks like it could fly up the field and displace the troubled Toro Rosso with a new car that gave it a great lap time. Keep in mind, the lap times counted in the coefficient, and they only did one day, high fuel day while Toro Rosso did all the days but one.

Toro Rosso: 47.9915

As I said, bad place for sure, but with some hope of producing a good driver in Kyvat.

Caterham: 65.7975

Yeah, realistically, Kobayashi isn't really making much of a comeback with Caterham...

And the misfits...
Red Bull: 148.32

Pretty good, only about 82 points off Caterham... I kid, they'll sort things out, I have full confidence in the 4-time defending champs.

Lotus= 257015

Well, yeah, th- um better luck next time?