Best of the Worst: Rejected Teams That Should be On the 2014 Grid

USGP: These guys were actually the frontrunners for a place in 2010 instead of the now unfortunately deceased HRT. Unfortunately for them, they lost the money they needed for the ability to run the season. They were founded on the premise of being the only F1 team not based in Europe, with their headquarters located in Charloette, North Carolina. Their team principals are Ken Anderson and Pete Windsor.

Why They’ll make it into F1: They’re American, a huge plus for the global initiative of F1 especially with America gearing up (pun intended) to host two races for 2014.

Stefan GP: This one is also based on a particular country, with the headquarters landing in Serbia. Had they gained entrance in either 1996 or 1997… or 2010 and 2011, they would have become the first ever Serbian F1 team. They were very close in 2010, but Peter Sauber beat them to it by regaining his fallen team from BMW’s hands.

Why They’ll Make It: The best part about these guys is they don’t give up, and they won’t give up until there is no one left to try. They also have engineers from Toyota, and even have a running blog:

NTechnology: These guys didn’t get much press, but they seem like a team with the strength to make it in F1. They are a force in Touring Car series, and that experience and capital could realistically make them a contender in Formula 1. Plus, if drivers aspire to reach F1, why can’t teams?

Why  They’ll Make It: Well if Ferrari has anything to say about it, they won’t, because they guys are located in Italy. But luckily, they don’t, so consider how awesome that would be. Ferrari having a blood rival that they haven’t had since Alpha Romeo in the 50s.

Prodrive: This English giant of motorsport is also a strong contender since they are a well established motorsport brand. They even come up with names like Cosworth, Subaru and Aston Martin in the search results.

Why They’ll make it: They are a strong brand with funds and an ample amount of engineers. They are also based in England which is where the majority of teams reside.