F1 Game 2012 Tips and Tricks

General Driving:

Smooth is fast, especially on tracks like Hungary and Malaysia. Leveling out your acceleration is better as opposed to  immediately getting fully on the gas, even though it may feel faster.

If you're slow through a particular corner, try slowing more on the entrance or take a new line.

Always change the braking to high unless you're using locking brakes.

Pick a car that has steering that is compatible with your driving style. For example, I know the Mclaren and the Sauber don't fit my style, but the Marussia and the Mercedes do.

If you know you're going to hit the car in front of you, hit it as close to the middle of it as possible, that will lessen the possibility of them spinning and more importantly, you getting a penalty.

Guiding rule of F1 2012: Never accelerate when your rear wheels are on a kerb

Career Mode: 

Start with a lower level team because your teammate is going to be less competitive. Caterham is the lowest you can go and probably the best place to start. It's the easiest while still allowing you to have KERS and a chance to break into Q2. Starting with a higher-profile team like F.I. or Williams will mean higher standards.

Set-up your car, but since you have limited tires, test out four tires on the prime tire, and then restart the session, and don't set a time in order to save tires.

Beat your teammate at all costs.

If your skill level is in between two set difficulties, try qualifying with the harder of the two, and switching to the easier one for the race.

If you get an offer during the season, don't take it, often a mid-season contract is a sign you are doing really well in the championship, so an offer from a higher team is likely.

Give yourself the best chance in quali by setting your car up with option tires, fuel mix three, low fuel load, and again, high pressure braking. Also, DRS is your friend, try to use it as much as possible, but of course there is a limit.

If you're doing a 25% or more race distance season, only pit as much as the others, an extra pit stop will kill your results, especially if you are on a difficulty that is hard for you.

To be continued tomorrow...

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